Installation FAQs

What do I need to do before a fiber installation?

110V AC Power Plug快三正规微信群,(重庆时时龙虎微信群)A 110 AC power outlet is required to provide electrical power to the ONT (or fiber NID). We recommend the outlet is located in close proximity to the ONT. However, a power stick option is available if connected within 50 feet of the ONT. Power stick options require additional equipment inside and outside of the home. Your GVTC technician will cover this option with you at the time of installation.

TV Service InstallationFor TV service installation, it is required that all TVs are in place at the time of installation.

CAT5 or Higher Wiring快三正规微信群,(重庆时时龙虎微信群)CAT5E or higher rated wiring is required for your internet & TV service. If the wiring at the time of installation is not at least CAT5E, GVTC can provide the proper wiring. Applicable charges may be applied at the time of installation.

Why does a technician need to prepare the outside area up to 2 days prior to my installation date?

48 Hours Prior to InstallationA GVTC technician must perform the outside preliminary installation up to 48 hours prior to your installation appointment. This preliminary work includes connecting the fiber from the street to your home and placement of the fiber equipment on the outside of the home.

Newly Purchased Home快三正规微信群,(重庆时时龙虎微信群)All newly purchased homes are required to be closed on before preliminary fiber installation. Consent must be provided on rental/leased property.

During Preliminary InstallationYou are not required to be home during the outside preliminary installation as long as GVTC has access to the property.

Follow Power UtilitiesIt is standard procedure for GVTC to follow power utilities to the home. Options include either aerial or underground utilities.

Newly constructed homesIn new construction areas and newly constructed homes, it is the builder/home owners responsibility to supply the conduit.

Digging may be requiredOccasionally, digging is required for placement of underground fiber.

What do I need to do the day of my installation?

Someone over the age of 18快三正规微信群,(重庆时时龙虎微信群)GVTC requires that someone over the age of 18 be present for the entire installation. It is recommended the account owner be present.

TVs in place at time of installationFor TV service installation, confirm that all TVs are in place at the time of installation. If all TVs are not in place, this could delay installation of your TV service.

CAT5 or higher wiring requiredFor Internet and TV service installation, confirm CAT5E or higher rated wiring is available for your internet and CATV service. If the wiring is not at least CAT5E rated, GVTC can provide the proper wiring. Applicable charges may be applied at the time of install.